Pairs Well With Girlfriends & Great Memories

How did Happy Bitch Wines come about? We're glad you asked!

Social media, in particular, Twitter, led to the creation of the wine. When Keryl Pesce, author of Happy Bitch, tweeted about possibly creating a Happy Bitch wine, Debbie GioquindoHudson Valley Wine Goddess, tweeted back that she should make it a Hudson Valley Wine. No surprise, as Debbie’s blog educates readers about wine with a focus on the Hudson Valley region. The two agreed to meet, not realizing that a tweet and a cup of coffee were actually a partnership in the making.

Keryl is in the business of happy. Debbie is in the business of wine and marketing. Put the two together and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with – a perfect “blend” (OK, pun intended) to create a fun wine geared toward women.

We will deliver more than a great tasting wine. Happy Bitch Wines is not just about wine, it’s about lifestyle. Our image will be one of living life to the fullest starting right now, enjoying every moment, and choosing happiness as a way of life.

Who is this wine for?

You, the extraordinary woman, became our profile to create Happy Bitch Wine. What, in our minds, defines an extraordinary woman?

You’re the woman whose time has come. You’ve faced the elements, the days of abundant sunshine, the days of darkness, through droughts and storms and yet, although at times you wondered if you would, you survived. You’ve been crushed, yes, maybe even more than once. But you’re determined to become something greater as a result – precisely what you are designed to do. You have become your own unique blend of strength and softness. The challenges you’ve faced have made you deliciously complex. That is what you call depth of character. It is a trait to be admired and celebrated every day. Dependable? Yes. Full of surprises? Definitely. And every time you open up, you create yet another happy memory, another smile. Your very presence brings happiness to those whose lives you touch. You can run with the big boys and still hold your own. you’ll kick ass if you need to and warm hearts when you want to.

Make no mistake. You are not to be taken for granted nor underestimated.

This is your time. This is you. Enjoy what is means to be a Happy Bitch. To you, we toast!