Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc Cake for the Holidays

This is a great recipe from Betty Crocker with a little bit of Happy Bitch intervention.  This can be made as a 13x9 cake, bundt cake, cupcake or cupcake tops.  If you attended the Red, White & Brew Ladies Night Out you got to taste the cupcake tops made...

Happy Bitch Wine Glasses Buy 3 Get 1 Free

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER – Purchase 4 glasses for the price of 3 until December 15, 2013. As an added bonus, we’ve decided to have Mid Hudson Workshop for the Disabled pack and ship your order on our behalf. Get your holiday shopping done (save one for yourself...

Choose to be Happy Now!

“Choose to be happy now, regardless of whether you have all the money you desire. If you put off your happiness until the money arrives, you may discover money wasn’t the magic wand you thought it would be."

Monday Motivational Quote

"We don’t get a do-over. We do this thing we call life one time and one time only. When your ride is coming to an end, will you look back and celebrate what you did for yourself or what you did for others? Think about it. It’s not that complicated." ~Keryl Pesce

Happy Birthday Happy Bitch Rosé

Guess what day today is? It's our Rosé's birthday. Yes it was two years ago today that our Rosé hit the shelves of liquor stores across Upstate New York. Now we are distributed in Central New Jersey too. Grab a bottle of Rosé tonight and celebrate with us!...