This is a time of year to be thankful for what we have and I am most thankful for answering Keryl’s tweet that April day in 2011, as I am doing what I love!

Both Keryl and I had grandmothers in our lives that played a very special roll.  My grandmother was not a very religious person, but every year at Thanksgiving she would insist on reading a Thanksgiving prayer from her father.  At the table she would pull out this old piece of paper and share the prayer.  Today in honor of my grandmother, I share with you, her Thanksgiving prayer. If she was here today, she would be one proud Happy Bitch!

We thank thee Oh Lord for all the blessings thou has bestowed upon us during the past year.  We thank thee for the harvest and for the fruit of the vine that has come to us through thy will.  We thank thee that we have arrived at this hour in health and with our share of happiness.  Bless this house, our children and grandchildren with health, happiness and prosperity through the coming year and the years to come.  Bring peace to this troubled world and bring light and wisdom to those who travel in darkness and know not their blessings.  May the Lord let the light and his countenance shine upon thee and grant thee peace.  AMEN.

From our house to yours…with the friends and family we share this holiday with….Have a HAPPY BITCH Thanksgiving!